The UK Property Market in Flux - Insights from the Halifax House Price Index
By Taylor Brown
11th September 2023

The Halifax House Price Index for August 2023 has recently been published, offering invaluable insights into the UK property market. This article aims to provide a balanced and comprehensive overview of the key findings, their implications for homeowners and prospective buyers, and the broader context in which these changes are occurring.

Key Findings

The average house price in the UK currently stands at £279,569, marking a decline when compared to last year. However, it's essential to view this in the broader context of long-term growth. Despite a drop of around £14,000 over the past year, house prices are still approximately £40,000 higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Kim Kinnaird, Director of Halifax Mortgages, provides a nuanced perspective: "It's fair to say that house prices have proven more resilient than expected this year, despite the impact of higher interest rates."

This resilience is particularly noteworthy given the economic challenges posed by inflation and interest rate hikes. The monthly change for August was -1.9%, which is the most significant monthly fall since November 2022. On an annual basis, property prices have decreased by -4.6%, a figure that may seem alarming but is part of a broader market adjustment.

House Price Index Percentage Change

Market Activity

Market activity has moderated in August, likely due to a combination of factors such as seasonal trends, higher mortgage rates, and economic uncertainties. However, the fundamentals of the market remain strong.

The number of mortgages approved to finance house purchases decreased in July 2023 by 9.5%, and year-on-year transactions were 16.3% lower than July 2022. This suggests a cautious approach from buyers, possibly due to uncertainty around mortgage costs and interest rates. Yet, it's worth noting that this could be a temporary phase as the market adjusts to new economic realities. 

Halifax House Price Index

Implications for Homeowners and Buyers

For current homeowners, the slight decline in property prices should be viewed in the broader context of long-term market resilience. Prices remain significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels, offering a cushion against short-term volatility. For prospective buyers, especially first-time buyers, the current market conditions may present opportunities.

The house price to income ratio for first-time buyers has fallen to its most affordable level since June 2020, partially offsetting the impact of higher mortgage costs. This could be an opportune time to consider stepping onto the property ladder.


The Halifax House Price Index for August 2023 provides a snapshot of a market in a state of adjustment rather than decline. While short-term changes may capture headlines, it's the long-term trends and broader economic factors that offer a more accurate picture of market health. As the market continues to find its equilibrium, both current and prospective homeowners would do well to stay informed and consider their options in a balanced manner.

Read the full Halifax report here

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