By Rohit Kohli
5th September 2023

Here's a simple guide on how to use the CamScanner app to scan and send documents:

  1. Open the CamScanner App: On the splash page, tap 'Use Now' on the bottom-right corner. Avoid touching 'Sign In' or 'Register' if you don't want to create an account.

  2. Grant Permissions: When prompted, click 'Allow' to let CamScanner access photos, media, and files on your device.

  3. Start Scanning: Press the Camera Scan Icon on the bottom-right corner to begin the scanning process.

  4. Camera Permissions: When prompted, tap 'Allow' to let CamScanner take pictures and record video.

  5. Select Document Scan Mode: At the bottom right, you will see that Single Page Mode is automatically selected. If you need to scan multiple pages, select the appropriate option.

  6. Capture the Document: Try to capture the entire document under good lighting conditions. Press the Camera Button to take a scan.

  7. Adjust the Document: CamScanner will automatically scan the document for adjustments. Touch the check-mark on the bottom-right to apply adjustments automatically.

  8. Rename the Scan: Click on the top-left where it says "New Doc" to rename the file. After renaming, touch 'OK' to rename the file. 'Auto' should be selected as a filter preset. Click on the bottom-right check mark to complete adjustments.

  9. Prepare to Share: Touch on the PDF Preview/Share Button shown. Select "PDF file (0.3MB)" as the file format. Choose your email client (e.g., "Outlook") to email the document.

  10. Compose Email: Add your destination email, subject, and message. Then, hit 'Send' on the top right to send your scanned document.

Please note, if you encounter any issues with attaching files from CamScanner to your email client (like Outlook), you may need to enable the "Storage" permission in your email app's settings. You can usually find this in Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> [Your Email App] -> Permissions.

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