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We use our relationship with over 100+ lenders to match you to one of the 11,000+ deals we access each day to get the right mortgage for you

  • Expert team with over 20 years experience and rated 5 stars so you know you can trust the advice your receiving
  • FREE no obligation consultation with a mortgage adviser to help you understand your options
  • We have secured over £17m of borrowing in 2022 with 96% of mortgages secured offers within 10 days

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Securing the right mortgage for our clients is what we do

We provide you with mortgage advice that gets you the best deal tailored to your requirements from hundreds of lenders and thousands of deals let us take the hassle out of  securing your mortgage

We work for you

We walk you through every step of the application process, and you can contact us at any time. Rest assured knowing that our team is working hard to secure the best possible mortgage loan for you and your family.

Expert advice

We are here to help you make sense of the mortgage market. No matter what sort of mortgage you need - remortgage, first-time buyer, moving home or buy to let, our experts will work with you to assess your needs and find a product that’s right for you.

Peace of mind

We believe that planning for the future isn’t just about choosing the right mortgage product; it’s about creating personal, financial, and family goals that will help protect you and your family.



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What mortgage advice services to we offer

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Mortgage Advice

With access to hundreds of lenders and thousands of deals from the whole of the market we offer mortgage advice to clients looking to get the best deal for the mortgage.

Get a call back from one of our mortgage advice experts

Complete your info below and an expert mortgage adviser will get back to you as soon as possible

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Don't just take our word for it, we guarantee it

When you speak to one of our mortgage advice experts you will know that they are always doing their best to secure your mortgage, and if we aren't able to help you just yet, then we'll make sure you understand why and how you can become mortgage ready.

our mortgage Advice fee guarantee

If we fail to secure you a mortgage offer, then you don't pay us our fee

If we are unable to secure you a mortgage offer then we guarantee that you won't have to pay our fee. This means you can feel confident that we're always working for you to ensure your mortgage is secured.

Book your FREE no obligation consultation with a mortgage advice expert now

Our mortgage advice experts are on hand to help guide you on your options. Whether your considering moving home, save money by remortgaging or considering investment opportunities with a buy to let, our mortgage advisers are ready to help you get the right mortgage for you

You can secure our next available appointment in just 30 seconds

Why you should use a mortgage adviser for mortgage advice?

Getting a mortgage is a complex process, and there are a lot of things to consider. Interest rates, mortgage terms, and deposits are just a few of the factors that need to be taken into account. That's why it's often a good idea to use an expert mortgage adviser.

We'll help you compare mortgage offers from different lenders and find the one that's right for you.  We  can also answer any questions you have about the mortgage process and help you understand the paperwork. 

Whole of Market Advice

We will search for the best mortgage for your situation from across the whole of market.

If you apply for a mortgage directly with a lender, you'll be restricted to only it's deals, which might or may not be the best one available to you.

We give you personalised advice based on your unique requirements and is not obligated to work with one particular provider.

Fully Qualified and Regulated

We are professionally qualified to give mortgage advice and we work under statutory regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This provides you with certain reassurances:

  • We have the qualifications required to advise on mortgages
  • We will treat you fairly and make sure we recommend the mortgage that is most suitable for you
  • In the unlikely event your not happy with our advice you are entitled to seek redress from the Financial Ombudsman Service

Access to Exclusive Deals

Because of the relationships we have with lenders we can access mortgages that may not be available to you directly. 

Some lenders only offer their products through brokers and don’t deal directly with the public.

These products may better match your circumstances and it’s only by going through a broker you can find out about them.

Market Knowledge

It’s one thing finding the most competitive mortgage product, but that’s only half the story.

Following your consultation with us we will know which mortgages you’ll be able to access and which lenders will reject your application. We'll  help you get it right first time, which could potentially make or break your property purchase. 

We also know which lenders are able to turnaround mortgage applications quickly and which are currently struggling with service.

Hassle Free Process

Getting a mortgage and buying a home can be complicated, with many forms to fill out and different parties to chase.

We do the legwork for you, taking away the stress, getting the forms completed, identifying which documents you'll need and preparing your case so it goes through smoothly first time

We don't just stop there, we stay on top of it throughout the whole process, keeping in touch with the lender and liaising with solicitors if required until you finally get your keys.

Specialist Expertise

If you’re self-employed, have seasonal income or a history of bad credit, you may find it difficult to get a mortgage on the high street.

We have access to a wider range of specialist lenders and experience in helping those excluded from the mainstream market.

Specialist lenders, understand that life gets in the way of the best laid plans and you can be rejected by a mainstream lender through no fault of your own.

Our experienced team assess each application individually and look at the bigger picture if your circumstances are unusual to find you a solution.

Using The Mortgage Stop will save you time and money

What our clients say...

How does our mortgage advice process work?

Once you've spoken to us you'll realise why we make securing your mortgage easy. We take the hassle out of the process, we'll get to know you, search the market, do the paperwork and guide you through the whole process.

Talk to us, find out how we can help you

You can book an appointment or call us on 01794 379 379 to speak to one of our mortgage advisers. They are on hand to listen to you and really to know what you need. We'll help you understand your options to help you make the right choice.

We'll advise you and find the best deal for you

Once we better understand your circumstances we'll be able to search across all mortgage deals to help us identify the best options for you. We'll make sure you know your options and make our recommendation to get you the best outcome

We'll get you mortgage ready and take care of everything

Once you've decided on an option we'll get your mortgage application underway, we'll arrange your Decision in Principle (DIP) which most estate agents require, submit your mortgage application and help you through the whole process until you complete

Get a call back from one of our mortgage advice experts

Complete your info below and an expert mortgage adviser will get back to you as soon as possible

By sharing your details, you consent to our contact and that you have read and agreed with our privacy notice.

We're committed to being open and transparent so you need to be aware that..

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Our typical fee is £349, however for complex scenarios this may rise to £549. This is split into two parts, our £49 admin fee payable when we submit your application with the remaining balance (our arrangement fee) which is due only when your mortgage offer is secured. For later life lending such as equity release we charge a fee of £995. We offer a free, no obligation consultation for all our clients, during this consultation we will advice you of the exact fee we may charge for our services before proceeding with your application.


  • First Time Buyer

  • Moving or Remortgaging

  • Buy to Let

How much can I Borrow?

How much you can borrow depends on a number of factors including:

  • Your income
  • Your level of debt such as loans, hire purchase & credit cards
  • Your credit history
  • Your lifestyle

Lenders will look at all of these factors & more to determine how much they are prepared to lend you.  For an accurate view of your borrowing potential book an appointment with us now.

How much deposit do I need?

In most cases you will require at least a 5% deposit for a mortgage.  However the actual deposit you require will depend on your personal circumstances.

For example if you have had credit issues in the past lenders may ask for a higher deposit than for those without credit issues.

Having a lower deposit will also likely lead to the interest rate you are charged is higher as your Loan to Value (LTV) will be high.  The bigger your deposit the less its likley to cost you to borrow on a like for like basis.

You can read our guide here for more information.

How do I get a mortgage?

The process of getting a mortgage can be complicated, especially if you have complex circumstances.  With access to deals from across the whole of the market, we are here to help make the whole process as simple as possible:

  1. Book an appointment with us to get started
  2. Register to our client hub & complete the questionnaire in your booking confirmation email
  3. Meet with a mortgage expert who will take the time to get to know your circumstances and find the right deal for you
  4. Upload your documents when requested
  5. Leave the rest to us!

You can download our guide to buying your home here.

What is the best mortgage for me?

You have a number of options when it comes to the type of mortgage you can chose from.  From fixed rate to tracker rates, from offset to interest only.

Every client is different with a unique set of circumstanes.  As your expert mortgage adviser our role is to get to know you and understand your needs & then make a reccomendation based on these.

We'll work with you to identify the right type of mortgage & get the best deal for you.

You can learn more about different mortgage types here but we'll explain everything to you when we meet.

What other costs are there?

As well as your deposit, there are a number of other costs that you will need to consider when buying property.  These costs can vary depending on your circumstances & value of property you are buying.

  • Stamp Duty - see how much you may need to pay here.  First time buyers may qualify for reduced rates
  • Legal Fees - you will need to pay for a solictor or conveyancer.  We can reccomend & arrange one for you as aprt of our service
  • Valuation costs - most lenders will require the property you are requiring to be valued.
  • Surveying Costs - You may choose to have the property you are buying surveyed to look for any potential issues before you complet your purchase, especially in older homes.  We can arrange this for you if you require as part of our service
  • Mortgage Fees - depending on the type of mortgage there may be fees associated with arrnaging the mortgage.  In most cases these can be added to the mortgage itself.
  • Home Insurance - most lenders will require you to insure the property you are buying as part of their terms & conditions - we can arrnage this for you as part of our service.
  • Protecting yourself & your family - making sure you have the right insurances in place should the unexpected happen.  Our service includes a complete review of your circustances & we'll provide you with competitive options.
  • Removal costs & Budget for work you may want done or new fixture & fittings

Our guide, which you can download here, provides more information.

How much stamp duty will I need to pay?

With the changes to stamp duty rates in 2020 & into 2021 this has become a complex area.  In most cases you will need to pay stamp duty for your property purchase.

However there are exemptions in place for First Time Buyers, property transactions below a certain amount and for property transactions that complete before a certain date.

You can use our Stamp Duty Calculator to get an estimate as to how much you will need to budget for.

Your solicitor or conveyancer will confirm the exact amount you will have to pay.

What is the process to buying a house?

There are a number of steps to the home buying process once you decide to make an offer on a property:

  1. Speak to us for your agreement in principle
  2. Agree the purchase price
  3. We'll put your mortgage application in, arrange your conveyancer & building survey if required.
  4. The lender will start your mortgage assessment & arrange a valuation
  5. You will get your mortgage offer
  6. Exchange of contracts - at this point we'll arrange your home incurance
  7. Completion & move in!

You can download our ghuide to buying your home here.

How long does the process take to complete?

Typcically it can take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete your property transaction.  However a number of factors will impact this such as the number of people in your chain, complexity of your transaction and the type of property your buying.

During the current pandemic we have seen some transactions take around 6 months to complete.

We'll work with your estate agent, conveyancer & lender to ensure you are kept informed every step of the way and do eveything we can to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Get a call back from one of our mortgage advice experts

Complete your info below and an expert mortgage adviser will get back to you as soon as possible

By sharing your details, you consent to our contact and that you have read and agreed with our privacy notice.

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